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New Development at CTS

  • Now Open - New Roll Coating Facility in Cincinnati
  • CTS Offers Advanced Strain Tolerant TBC Systems
  • New Aluminize paint automation leading industry
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List of Approvals

CTS is currently approved to supply coatings and processes in the following industries, please click the links to read more:

Aerospace Land Based Turbines

CTS develops and applies advanced coatings and surface modifications for a wide range of industrial uses, and works with customers to develop solutions to many industry problems related to wear, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, and thermal conductivity.


Our commitment to continuously improve our service has driven CTS to add capabilities to increase the value we can provide to our customers. These include machining, grinding, shot peening, painting, and welding. We hold many quality system certifications, and we excel within the areas of customer service and technical performance. 

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CTS News



November 12, 2014 - CTS was recognized for "Supplier Flexibility" at the GE Aviation Farmout Supplier Symposium.  This award was presented to CTS for excellence in being able to adjust to the needs of the business quickly and efficiently at a moments notice and the ability to consistently adapt in terms of different Engineering and Production requirements to keep up the ever changing landscape that exists in the Farmout world.









September 27, 2013 - The Shot Peener, Benefits of Nadcap Accreditation and Meetings - In this interview from Nadcap's June 2013 newsletter, our own Dale Harmon, Director of Quality and Training shares his thoughts on the relationship between CTS and Nadcap. Click here to read the entire article...




August 23, 2013 - 7th Annual CTS Customer Appreciation Golf Outing for Steel Customers at The Brassie Golf Club in Chesterton, IN.

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July 29, 2013 - CTS held its Grand Opening Celebration at the new Roll Coating Facility.  Employees, vendors involved with the project, community leaders and our valued customers were able to experience our new operation and meet the entire team.  Facility tours kicked off the event which were then followed by a cook-out.  Thank you to everyone who participated, your efforts helped make this an exceptional event.






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