Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.

Coatings, Technology, Solutions

New Development at CTS

  • CTS offers advanced TBC systems
  • DVC coatings
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List of Approvals

CTS is currently approved to supply coatings and processes in the following industries, please click the links to read more:

Aerospace Land Based Turbines

CTS develops and applies advanced coatings and surface modifications for a wide range of industrial uses, and works with customers to develop solutions to many industry problems related to wear, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, and thermal conductivity.


Our commitment to continuously improve our service has driven CTS to add capabilities to increase the value we can provide to our customers. These include machining, grinding, shot peening, painting, and welding. We hold many quality system certifications, and we excel within the areas of customer service and technical performance.

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